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Diploma in Buddhist Psychology (Theory)
Buddhism is a path of liberation for the world. In the Buddhist analysis, peace in the
world and peace in the hearts of people are simply different aspects of the same
thing. Whether we intervene at the social level or in individual lives, the goal is the
same. We seek to cultivate a more compassionately engaged way of life that is both
happier and more constructive. Buddhist psychology is not, therefore, based upon
the idea of advantage to an individual being in conflict with advantage to the
community. It is precisely the same kinds of delusions that create neurosis as create
an oppressive world and neurosis and oppression can be seen as closely related
phenomena. If we would make a better world, we must also work on ourselves. If we
would work on ourselves, we must find some concern for our world.
The Buddhist Psychology Distance Learning course, revised in 2016, is a
comprehensive course of study comprising six modules. It can be studied over two or
three years and there is also the flexibility to purchase and study one module at a