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  • Vittorio posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    Hi Rev.Satya Robyn.
    I would like to have a clarification regarding the thirty-fifth Darmakara vote set forth in the Larger Sutra on Amida Buddha :” (35) If, when I attain Buddhahood, women in the immeasurable and inconceivable Buddha-lands of the ten quarters who, having heard my Name, rejoice in faith, awaken aspiration for Enlightenment and wish to renounce womanhood, should after death be reborn again as women, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment.”…..Why should women want to not be reborn women?
    Thanks for the attention.

    Gassho !

    • Hi Vittorio,
      Thanks for asking. It’s an old Buddhist problem, in many cases women as seen as less able to get enlightened than men, even though the Buddha was clear it was equally possible. Honen was also clear both men and women could get to the Pureland equally easily.
      Our teacher translates the 35th Vow as follows:

      “Oh Blessed One, may I not come to the complete awakening if, when I have done so, it is not then the case that women in all Buddha lands throughout the ten directions who listen to my Name, have serene faith and aspire to awakening, and who hate the forms and statuses imposed upon them as women, shall not, on entering my land, be liberated therefrom.”

      Which takes the vow as freeing women from the lesser social status that would have been true, and is often still true… not about freeing them from being women.

      You can see the version of the sutra we use here: