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Vajrapala Moerman



Vajrapala Moerman



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Amida Belgium

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I was born in 1957, have 2 children °89 and °90, live together with my friend Daniël and I stopped working as a social worker since May 2018 because off health-issues. I’m a very grateful member of this sangha since over 12 years now and ordained as a Amitarya in the Amidaorder  december 2020. I organise Bouddhist and Amida Purelandactivities in our house “La Colline éclairée”. I very much like the Amida liturgy which are for me off an extreme beauty, I like chanting and feel very happy to be member off the Amida world-wide sangha. Very greatfull for the love, support and wisdom we recieve from our teacher Reverend Dharmavidya, his closest Senior Jissa Acharya Susthama and off all the other teachers and ministers who teach us the Dharma in so many ways. Namo Amida Bu.