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  • Vajrapala Moerman posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    During this pandemic times, I have thos day – those days with very much pain in my hearth – pain coming from sadness about what has become of this beautiful world we live in. All the mess humans made off it. Seeing what happens in the world leads me to thoughts about upcoming other crisises that might come or will come for sure, all the suffering in the world, hunger, abuse of power, destruction, etc etc…. science that since 50 years knows so much and humans prevents for the results of their bad exhausting actions in the pursuit of wealth and material things…. destroying nature and the domestication and bad treatment of animals …. this all makes me so sad, some days are indeed very painful.
    As well, we are very favored as we live in a rich country, we have an income, we have a house in the (splendid) nature and can grow our own vegetables, there are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha to support us and a very good compassionate, wise and lovely teacher to learn us to live in the light of the Buddha’s. All days are different – impermanence – and so the days go on and we live with what comes, not knowing if the world with learn from what happens or will go on as before …… Namo Amida Bu