• Vajrapala Moerman posted an update 1 week ago

    Dear Adrew,
    I was reading about the things you and your family are going through. Feeling very much for you and I can imagine all those confusing feelings and thoughts. Hope you find relief soon. For me too, sometimes in the middle off samsara things can look like being in the middle of dark clouds and finding no way nor energy to see the light, seeing only illness, death, and sadness all around. As Amida is still there and especialy in this dark rooms he cares so much more for us and loves us so much, I’m sure his light will reach us again and again. If we can let it be, having faith that this dark room is also real human and shared with so much others and a place where we can learn more about our bombu nature, for me things get more real and liveable. I was in the same room last weekend faced with the fragility off human life as I was cleaning up my elders house with my sister, after mothers’ death and father being in a home now. I’m so happy to be able to go back in our house again, surrounded with nature and Buddha’s it is more easy to see the light and find peace off mind again. Namo Amida Bu

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