• Vajrapala Moerman posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Blessings and love to all. Wishing everybody who joins a fine Bodhi retreat. Here we start this evening, Susthama comes over from UK to lead us through the theme of honouring our ancestors. On saturday we have a non-stop-nembutsu-day. Thinking of you all – with a very tender hearth – very much in this days, hope the light off Amida will reach all and transform us all in much kind and lovely directions, hope the love and care in the sangha will grow and grow, grateful for Dharmavidya who opened this path to us, Namo Amida Bu

    • Sending much love from Scotland – tomorrow we will have a day of chanting, meditation and a Renewing our Refuge ceremony. We’ll feel connected with you, our friends in Malvern, in Canada and all points around the globe – connected by Amida’s Golden Chain xxx Namo Amida Bu

    • Namo Amida Bu. We’ll be thinking of you Vajra – look forward to hearing how it goes. Love to Scotland too!

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