• Vajrapala Moerman posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Saturday I gave my first Amida Pureland introduction afternoon. Three people should come, but only the two off them came. I was nerveous, but all went very well. I provided some practice, so they could taste a bit off it, like reciting texts, I made an offer, we did some nembutsu-chanting, some bowing,…. I explained what we did and why. I also talked on some important themes off Amida Pureland Buddhism, mostly derived from and based on the online-introduction-course. It was really very nice and they reacted very enthousiastic. They appreciated to be able to be together with a real buddhist and talk about the things, because before that they where reading about Buddhism, did try to introduce it in their life, but did not succeed so well. So this was a real nice experience.
    Since some time I hold in my head the idea to try to see each meeting as a Pure land, to see how people (myself included) try to love each other and how they try to be good to each other and give the best they can. This is helpfull for me and helps me to appreciate. Namo Amida Bu

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