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  • Hello!

    I seem to have long hiatuses from this lovely place but I keep coming back to the practice and the light of Amida. I’ve signed up to do the 30 days again — I did it first a few years ago when I was mid running my own business and completely overwhelmed by daily horrors. Is doing it again advisable?

    Thank you and much love!_/|_


  • Tristan posted an update 2 years ago

    Greetings everyone! I haven’t been on here in ages, partly because I’ve just been stupidly busy. I keep seeking refuge in the Light and trusting in the grace of the Buddha. Namu Amida Buddha! _/|\_

    • Hi Tristan, good to hear from you. I know how busyness is. Wonderful that you’re still connecting to the Buddha – thank goodness it doesn’t take long… Take care _/\_

  • Well, I’m new but I like this idea and nobody’s started it today, so I hope you don’t mind me doing so.

    It’s Monday.  I finished Satya and Karpa’s book last night.  It was one of the nicest introductions to a school of Buddhism I’ve ever read!  It’s just right I think.  I did wonder, and maybe someone can answer that here, what makes an Amida Bud…[Read more]

  • I just loved today’s email (day 3) with this passage of Shinran’s

    “The cloud of light is unhindered, like open sky;
    There is nothing that impedes it.
    Every being is nurtured by this light,
    So take refuge in Amida, the one beyond conception.”


  • @Ananda Oh, absolutely.   I take loads of things for granted, especially little things.  When I’m conscious of being grateful, it also brings me to a different kind of mindfulness.  I notice the little things much more.  I went for a period when as part of my practice, I consciously said thank you to the running water when I turned the tap on. …[Read more]

  • My first official day was today.  Saying the nembutsu is something I do as part of my Reiki practice because of the (possible, although I’m going with it )connection between one of the symbols and the Amida Buddha.  I like that every day has a mini-lesson and I’m really looking forward to them.  At the end of my daily Reiki practice, when I’m ni…[Read more]

  • Wonderful advice, Ananda.  I try to have regular reading of scripture in my life but I end up losing consistency.  I’ve ended up relying on little bites in email lists (like Tricycle’s Daily Dharma) just to keep myself in it, but I would like to have more at times.  Perhaps something to experiment with.

    Gratitude felt hard in 2017.  It was a tou…[Read more]

  • A wonderful idea!  I don’t particularly like ‘resolutions’ in the New Year, but I did decide this year that I would really look at my habit of worrying very carefully.  Something I’d like to welcome in is being able to accept help from people more easily.  I know I resist, convinced I can do things myself, but sometimes I have to just let go an…[Read more]

  • Hi Jen!  I’m new here too.  Your search is very familiar to me.  🙂 /Tristan

  • Hello everyone!

    I was so happy when I found this virtual community.  Although there is an Amida community in London, it’s really not a very convenient place for me to get to and I was hoping to find somewhere where I could have a sangha in which to test the waters.

    I usually identify as a Unitarian, as I say in my profile.  This is for a n…[Read more]

  • Tristan became a registered member 2 years, 8 months ago