• Suzy Jay posted an update 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hi just started the Nembutsu course today as not in the best of health, so glad I did. Taking much needed refuge is what it’s all about 🏯 Love to all

    • Sorry to hear about your healthy Suzy Jay. Hope you can find some refuge… Namo Amida Bu _/\_

    • PS I can’t remember if you’re local to us here / if you’ve been to the temple before or not?

      • Hello 👋 I have been to the Temple couple of times but I live in Fladbury near Pershore and have had my disability car taken away from me by the powers that be so am housebound until I can save up for a car. Won’t have the money until the end of the year so am not able to visit until then sadly but it is what it is. All best wishes to you and all.

        • Ah, that’s right I remember. We do various things online if you are interested – eg I run practice sessions on FB on a Thursday night (or whenever you want to watch later) – hopefully you can stay connected from there. Namo Amida Bu, blessings from the temple.

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