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Rev. Satya Robyn (temple host)



Rev. Satya Robyn (temple host)



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Amida Malvern, UK

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I’m a Buddhist Priest with the Amida-Shu and I run the Amida Mandala temple in Malvern with my husband Kaspa. I have found my home in Amida Shu Buddhism and am eternally grateful to Dharmavidya and to the Order. I appreciate the other-centred nature of Pureland Buddhism, the realistic view of our foolishness, and the relief of refuge. I also appreciate the beauty of the liturgy and forms we have inherited from Pure Land and other forms of Buddhism in the Amida Shu school.

I also work as a psychotherapist and I’m a writer. My latest book is ‘What Helps’ and I’m currently working on a Buddhist book.

We have three cats & three rabbits, and I enjoy studying, eating expensive vegan chocolate and walking on the Malvern hills.