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  • Richard Ollier posted an update 5 months ago

    Not been on this site for a while – keep meaning to post, but then I forget and another day banged-up in lockdown goes by etc etc. Feel moved to write this morning as, when browsing my Buddhist books, I’ve just come across a chapter called ‘On preparing for death’ in Satya’s ‘Coming Home: Refuge in Pureland Buddhism’. Death, I hear you groan, not the most inspiring subject for a sunny morning – but, I respectfully suggest, you’d be wrong. Yes, as I write this, people in the hospital just down the road are suffering in the most appalling way; yes, we may indeed have lost people we know to this virus; and yes, there cannot be many of us who have not, over the last few weeks, contemplated with anxiety the prospect of our own death or that of our loved ones. But this, in a way, is the point. As Dharmavidya has said in one of his recent podcasts, it is at times like this that we need our faith more than ever before. If, at this difficult time, you are looking for reassurance in the face of a dawning realisation of your own mortality (and who isn’t, less face it!) I strongly recommend this chapter of Satya’s. I, for one, shall keep returning to its
    calm, amiable and honest words whenever panic strikes. A bow of gratitude, Satya. Love to all, be well and happy, and Namo Amida Bu