• Richard Ollier posted an update 10 months ago

    You know that feeling when you have a really positive and heart warming experience and the warm emotional afterglow stays with you for hours, even days afterwards?
    Well, I’m fortunate enough to be going through that now, after our day manning an Amida stall at Moseley Street Fair in Birmingham, yesterday. Quite simply, it was a delight. Great weather (apart from the odd gust of wind that helped the distribution of leaflets!), wonderful company (Sanghamitra and his lovely family, and John), lots of goodwill towards us, stimulating conversations with people of all beliefs and none, and (the icing on the cake!) many more people than last year put their email addresses on our mailing list, requesting more info! The word is spreading!
    Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm, Sanghamitra! Can’t wait for next year’s fair!
    Gratitude and Namo Amida Bu,

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