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Richard Ollier

  • Not been on this site for a while – keep meaning to post, but then I forget and another day banged-up in lockdown goes by etc etc. Feel moved to write this morning as, when browsing my Buddhist books, I’ve just come across a chapter called ‘On preparing for death’ in Satya’s ‘Coming Home: Refuge in Pureland Buddhism’. Death, I hear you groan, not…[Read more]

  • Hi Xavier,

    Thanks for posting this. It is so relevant to many of us.

    I’m no expert, and not in any position to pontificate, but my (very personal!) view and sincere advice (for what it’s worth) would be ‘Just love Jesus and Amida and any embodiment of goodness without worrying too much about what to “believe” or what they might “mean”.’ In my…[Read more]

  • Just noticed this post, Kaspa.

    It’s absolutely beautiful, a really poetic, clarifying and enchanting piece. Thank you.

    Really grabbed me!

    Love and Namo Amida Bu.

  • Favourite five spiritual books? (Only allowed five?!). I’m going to cheat here a bit – they’re not necessarily books about spirituality, but, rather, books which mean a lot to me spiritually. Here goes – Alfred Bloom ‘Shinran’s Gospel of Pure Grace’ – inspirational about trust, goes everywhere with me, as does ‘Kuan Yin’ by Manuela Dunn Mascetti…[Read more]

  • You know that feeling when you have a really positive and heart warming experience and the warm emotional afterglow stays with you for hours, even days afterwards?
    Well, I’m fortunate enough to be going through that now, after our day manning an Amida stall at Moseley Street Fair in Birmingham, yesterday. Quite simply, it was a delight. Great…[Read more]

  • Thank you, dear Kaspa and Satya, for showing up, ‘as if by magic’, at last Saturday’s Amida Birmingham meeting! What a lovely surprise, to have you join us in our chanting, meditation and discussion at the Meridian Centre – deep gratitude. Oh, and the Malvern Temple courgettes look too beautiful to eat: mine lies on the worktop in the kitchen,…[Read more]

    The date was last Saturday, July 1st, and the scene was the Street Fair held as part of the annual Festival at Moseley, Birmingham. Among the happy throng of street vendors, a Ukelele Band, yummy vegetarian and vegan food stalls, CND supporters, Quakers, Buddhists of various persuasions etc, etc,…[Read more]

  • Lovely morning with Amida Birmingham yesterday, with a beautiful service led by Sanghamitra. We’re settling nicely into our new home at the Meridian Centre: it’s a light, airy room and all the good vibes from the ‘alternative medicine’ that is practised there during the week make for an uplifting, healing ambience.
    How good to spend some cooling…[Read more]

  • I’ve not logged-on for a while – very, very busy (what with one thing and another), but it’s very good to be back, and I send loving-kindness to one and all.
    Just wanted to share a couple of thoughts about my life as a (mature!) post-graduate student at University, researching aspects of Pureland Amida Buddhism. As a lay member of the Amida Order…[Read more]

    • So good to hear a little about your experiences Rich, and I’m so glad you’re out there carrying the torch for Amida Shu Buddhism! Those other fields all sounds pretty interesting too… It sounds like there’s a lovely process happening between the human beings on the course as well as in your individual areas of study. Look forward to hearing…[Read more]

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    Thank you so much – lovely to be here. A deep bow of gratitude for this wonderful virtual temple. Namo Amida Bu and love to all.

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