• Jeaunice Tribue Burnette posted an update 6 days, 19 hours ago

    Hi Kaspa,

    I just finished watching your talk. For me it was very illuminating. Most of my life I struggled against accepting reality as it is. I’ve been a bit of a perfectionist, and have fought with myself endlessly. Until I watched your talk, I never realized that lack of honesty with reality was keeping me separated from the Buddha. I was wondering if you could clarify what you meant when you said “acceptance is contrition” . It was liberating to hear that the Buddha accepts me just as I am. Thank you for that lovely talk. It really made my day.

    • Hi, Thanks Jeaunice. Acceptance of who we really are often means contrition, as we accept the parts of us that have caused harm to others. Contrition is a recognition of causing harm, it is regret, maybe sadness, maybe wanting to make amends and learning that we are all in the same boat as human beings.

      Even acceptance of parts of us that are better than we give ourselves credit for might lead to contrition, as we realise we have been self-sabotaging, for example.

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