• Jeaunice Tribue Burnette posted an update 8 months ago

    In my journey of the one million nembutsu: As of November 24th, I have chanted 59, 516 nembutsu. I know that is a rather small number, but I am trying to balance my chanting to maintain my mental stability. I don’t want to overdo it. But still, does anyone have any suggestions about how to incorporate more nembutsu throughout the day? I am open to any advice. And I know its been a while but thank you Satya and everyone who gave me encouragement about my poem.

    • Hi Jeaunice. I’m not the best person to answer this as have never been a big numbers nembutsu person! I know Dayamay and Rev Ananda have done lots and lots… I like to do them whilst driving and first thing in the morning…

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