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  • Mat Osmond posted an update 3 years ago

    Hello there, sitting here is a rather wild evening storm. Well, looking out at one. Nembutsu for me this week is walking in the middle, the space between grasping and setting down. Knowing I can’t fix my muddled wrong-headedness, and that’s fine. Grateful to be learning about 12 steps, too – finding much of my own life in its approach to healing. Namo Amida Bu

    • Interested to hear of your interest in 12 steps Mat… Rami Shapiro’s book is good, what’s it called again….. if you want to start a discussion here I’d join!

      • I have Rami’s book here since you put me onto it, Satya (Recovery: the sacred art), and would like to – at last – come to that when I’ve finished reading Albert LaChance’s ‘Cultural Addiction: the Greenspirit Guide to Recovery’). The latter is full of very good things, also many things I find myself less convinced of. Like a friend you find yourself feeling very warmly towards, whilst also feeling quite sceptical about a lot of what they’re saying – saying very fast and earnestly, so you don’t have time to pick up the bits you want to question. Good idea to start a discussion, I’ll pull out a couple of passages when I get to the end of LaChance’s book. (BTW, I tried to join you last night, but fluffed it somehow. Couldn’t find the email to locate the right Skype address. Sorry not to turn having said I would!)

        • Ah, sounds good – as the 12 steps say, ‘take what you like & leave the rest’ ; ) Great if you do manage to start a discussion. And np about LC, if you want to join the future do drop me a message on Skype and I’ll call you in. It’s one of the things it’s best not to come along late to because of the sensitivity of the space, we don’t let people in to the shrine room once we’ve started here 🙂 but do hope you make it to a future meeting, always great to hear from you. Sending love!