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  • Mat Osmond posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    I just spoke with a dear old friend from the Awakened Heart Sangha, living alone in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. Her close dharma friends having all recently died, she’s become quite isolated and is looking for other dharma connections where she lives. (Recently had a stroke, and not able to travel far I think.) I wondered if any Amida Shu groups are meeting up that way?

    • Hi Mat,

      I may be wrong, but based on what I know, there does not appear to be a Amida Shu presence in Hebden Bridge, the closest I found was in Durham.

      The only Vajra/Mahayana group close enough appears to be the Kagyu Buddhism Hebden Bridge.

      I don’t know them, but they seem like a nice group. So if it comes to either this or nothing, you could consider contacting them to see if something could be arranged.

      Also, I translated a supportive chanting guide book last year upon the request of a good Dharma friend (who needed it to benefit a nursing home). It includes instructions on managing the eve of death as well as several recent accounts of Pure Land rebirth (at back). I don’t wish to appear as a bearer of bad news, but I feel that when such major signs of impermanence are manifesting all around your good friend, it’s better to be prepared and ready to achieve Pure Land rebirth. The book (free and in public domain) is here:

    • Hi Mat yes Amida Shu groups are still thin on the ground (something we’re hpping may change with Home Groups) – im the meantime she could come here, attend the Skype circle, or connect with an Order member 1:1 if Amida Shu teachings resonate for her. Sending her blessings from the temple. Namo Amida Bu.

      • Thanks Satya. Truth be told, I don’t think my friend is looking to a shift from her Awakened Heart Sangha orientation – a ground we can share easily. It was more face to face company and friendship I was thinking of, she being quite isolated I think. She and I are in regular 1:1 by phone, meanwhile I think both internet and travel are not options, really. But thanks for your thoughts. BTW, did the Home Groups package take off? I think I might have missed that one.