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  • Mark posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Dear Satya, my name is Mark. I have struggled to follow the online services due to poor broadband at my end, but I do have a few questions for you:

    I have been a practicing Buddhist for 30 years and a Pureland Buddhist for 11 of these since I attended temple in Canada. I have always been a lay member.

    I currently feel that Amida is calling me to be a fully ordained Buddhist, particularly in the light of wishing to form my own Sangha as part of the Pureland school. Is this path available to a lay member and what is involved. I am more than happy to take a mentor and to work assiduously. I am not asking for power or prestige and fully realise my Bombu nature but feel I would be gratified by the path.

    As a second question I am a new member of BuddhistXR and we have our own local group for Diss although small in origins. I take part as a Buddhist and am a photographer keeping an eye on the safety of protestors. Is there any lay Buddhist robes I could wear, I wish to be seen as part of BuddhistXR.

    I am able to visit you in Malvern but my funds are very limited but I would love to discuss this further as my desire is very serious.
    Namo Amida Bu