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    Hi Paolo. I checked your band out , nice and tight and lots of power. Great stuff. Nice basses too.

  • ken replied to the topic Summer plans in the forum General chit chat 2 months, 1 week ago

    Ps and bewildered  translated by Micheal sells , bit more contemporary

  • ken replied to the topic Summer plans in the forum General chit chat 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Satya . I would say the universal tree and the four birds by Jaffray Angela and  the tree of being , an ode to the  perfect man

    also on you tube check Sufi garden for talks by rober Darr and also the website for the Ibn Arabi society and also their YouTube channel.

    Its amazing how words in the right order reach into one .…[Read more]

  • ken replied to the topic Summer plans in the forum General chit chat 2 months, 1 week ago

    I’ll be making most of any good wheather to work and earn and secretley wish for another long late summer like last year as makes winter shorter. Will be off to small town Spain  with family to hook up with some friends and hopefully visit the castle of el cid. Already loading up my kindle for the holiday reading  which will include a bit of Suf…[Read more]

  • Hi Paolo, fretless like anything is merely a matter of practice and I like it as it’s more taxing and engaging. I don’t play like technique players like jack pastorius although heavily influenced by mock Karn insupposentouncoild say I play like  David jay from Bauhaus . I too like sounds from a bygone era ie 50s rockabilly and 60s garage as well…[Read more]

  • Hi Paolo , yes I am , I play fretless and fretted and tend to be short or medium scale now due to lighter and easier to play due to back pain ect. How about you what style band do you play in .

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    Hi Paolo.  I too enjoy immersing myself in music , weather that be me playing bass and singing  in my my band and writing songs ,  or listening to any kind of music that suits the mood I’m in , from aggressive to abstract jazz to ambient.

    I  have to have a book on the go , usually one fiction and one spiritual. I love sometimes being the phant…[Read more]

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    For what it’s and this may come across as a bit confused , I see similarities. I’ve tasted many a dish in my spiritual search and over the years and see to a large extent they all have the same aim but call it different things , and use different practices.  This may be oversimplified but they all try to subdue ,put to sleep the ego so that real…[Read more]

  • Hi Paolo . In a way similar to brad Warner’s method I was taught a while back to treat it like a spoilt child wanting attention. Just observe/view it and give it attention then it can calm down . Another method is distraction. These work sometimes in varying degrees .

    Namo Amida Bu

  • ken posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    Now I keep myself,beliefs ect to myself it’s my business and no one else’s and I’m not interested in wearing a badge and ramming things down people’s throats .Triggered by Satyas book but been thinking about what we take refuge in whatever that may be and what amazes me is the fact that having a spiritual practice is deemed…[Read more]

  • I think they all overlap and one can’t do one form without experiencing bits of the other . Me personally at morning times seated and at times throughout the day whilst going about daily life perform nembutsu with the attitude of surrender and at different levels of intensity  generally feel absorbed , realigned ,  and abide in a more right min…[Read more]

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    Well I hadn’t really thought about it till I saw this but for one I shall be reading said book above  as downloaded onto kindle upon seeing . 2 will be reading the new book on refuge when comes out. 3 the music lesson. By victor wooten. Although about music it’s not just about music . I tend to listen to this on audible yearly as either cons…[Read more]

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    honens biography by Fitzgerald , mala beads  and lots of nembutsu and a couple of what I consider spiritual films to watch. The razors edge (old black and white one not big Hollywood remake) and a river runs through it and the smiling faces of my grandchildren opening their presents .

    Namo Amida Bu

  • Hello Ananda .

    Most informative and helpful.

    Namo Amida Bu

  • Just ordered another mala for the car for traffic and when raining.  Is there a resource or can someone post a link to the definitive technique with mala as although I think I’m doing it correctly I know there’s a few different  ways.

    Namo Amida Bu

  • Hi Jeaunice . Glad to see you’re nearly at the end and found your own way with things . That’s the beauty of Pureland , we get to figure out and do and use what works for us as individuals. No hard and fast  rules. There is  another 7 day nembutsu course if you want to follow on from that.

  • Wrote this down once back in car meant  to post this Monday. Early morning dog walk in wind, mud and rain with one dog particularly yappy  all  the while practicing internal nembutsu . Nothing matters and a sense of joy. Nembutsu became my umbrella

  • Thanks Ananda . Wish I’d seen this earlier . I was looking for the eureka moment when I started and was constantly evaluating. In the end I dropped that scrutiny and just enjoyed for its own sake and many months later I gently noticed the changes brought about and how inner chatter has been replaced with nembutsu practice that just seems to come…[Read more]

  • Very much enjoyed this thanks.


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    So here’s stanley(left) and Bentley.Stans a battersea rescue dog and Bentley was a Christmas present 8 years ago. Although they look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths they are quite mischievous. Stanley can’t be let off a lead due to being a Lakeland terrier and his sole preoccupation is too find Foxes rats and squirrels and altho…[Read more]

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