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  • Jan Wizinowich posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    For the last few days we have had to find a way to round up and relocate feral chickens who are loose and digging willy nilly in the garden. This has been a bit heart rending. Having trapped a hen and 3 of 4 of her chicks, the fourth chick was left in the middle of the garden, alone issuing a plaintive distress call. After dinner as the sun set and the temperature dropped, I opened the sliding glass door to hear his distress call again. Our garden is an array of sugar cane, sweet potato vines, bananas and clumping grass and my son and I stationed ourselves strategically. After some silent observations, we began beating the bushes and a flash of yellow streaked from the sweet potato vines to the grass clump where my son grabbed him. He was loudly cheaping and the other chickens formed a Greek chorus of clucks and screeches but the warmth of Wynton’s hands soon calmed him down. My heart is lifted from hopeless despair to joy at this little one’s renewed chance at life. We gather what Wynton will need to house the chick — a tall box, heating pad and feed in a yogurt container with a lid that says “HOPE”. Namo Amida Bu