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  • Jan Wizinowich posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    So beautiful Andrew. The garden is always there for us. What’s happening for me are thoughts of connection. When I returned last week, I was assigned a story about Kalani Souza, whose message is all about making connections for resilience and I thought this is perfect because my whole trip this summer has been about connections. Connecting to the temple choir and getting to sing and making connections with old friends. Then to Berkeley where I attended the Berkeley Buddhist Temple for 3 Sundays. Just walked in and I was totally connected through the Nembutsu. A fellow writer who is moving to Hawai’i Island and a temple choir lead by a beautiful African American man in a rainbow scarf. I was thinking of you Andrew as they have composed some beautiful simple songs that we sang. Then on the last Sunday, I sat at a table at the social following the service with two people who not only were from Hawai’i but had grown up in Kohala, the rural district in which I live. Full circle. So beautiful.