• Colin Mitchell (Temple Host) posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Well I’m back again after a long fight with illness, it’s Misty’s Birthday today she’s 8 and I’ve another Chinese Elm bonsai tree, I hope this one will survive
    Namo Amida Bu Colin

    • Hi Collin, my bonsai tree bit the dust too. Let me know if you get yours to survive and ill try again with another one. They are so lovely. Namo Amida Bu

      • Hi Clare, I’ll let you know how it goes, some experts have told me to keep my bonsai outside as it can survive even in winter. You can kill a bonsai with kindness by over watering, I think that’s how my previous ones died as it rots the roots. Let me know which one you decide to get and I’ll help if I can. Namo Amida Bu

        • Hi Collin,
          Yes, I think that’s what I did with mine. I always tend to over water. Will let you know when I get one. Good luck with yours! Namo Amida Bu

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