• Cynthia Reed posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I just enjoyed reading Satya’s email, looking at the bright photo, and thinking about vegetarianism. I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian and, at various times in my life, have dived in…but it’s never felt like the right way for me to eat, after a time. Ten years ago, when D and I married, he had been a 30-year vegetarian (he ate dairy, no eggs) and was immediately diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease and was off for a quad bypass. Clearly, his diet hadn’t worked well either, so we both went high protein (including meat), low carb, high quality fats, etc, and it’s really worked, to the point of impressing his doctors, to manage his blood sugar better than anything else.

    I notice, though, as I grow older (seventy later this year) and think more about such things, and try to help the planet, and need less myself, that I seem naturally to be gravitating to less and less meat. I haven’t eaten beef or lamb in many years by preference/consciousness, I suppose. This past year, I notice that even if I cook meat for D, I often choose something else for myself. Or, if we go out, as this past weekend, I chose Paneer, for instance, as my protein source in an Indian restaurant, Tofu with Asian, roasted goat’s cheese, etc. In other cases, I almost always choose seafood (and I do love sushi) and will choose a pork dish (having read that it and chicken have the lowest planetary impact).

    Reading this thread, and thinking about it, I realise that I usually have two to four ‘meat’-free (I do eat eggs) days per week just because it works out that way, and because I am home alone all day and am choosing for one. I’m retired; he’s not yet.

    This year, I have chosen not to fly anywhere. For 30+ years, I have travelled constantly (it seemed) between Europe, Asia and North America. I live in the woods now, in Sweden, with lovely well water, a greenhouse and more plans than I will probably accomplish, but also more intentions and solitude.

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