• clare posted an update 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Had a wonderful walking meditation in my garden yesterday. Have been doing this lately. Just walking slowly up and down the path. Towards the end I found myself slowing even more until slow motion. My body kind of took over at this point and was deciding where and how to move. Felt like i was floating and was very relaxed. Made me realise that Thai Chi is probably like this when mastered. I use to find it quite boring but that was probably due to not connecting properly and letting go which i think i may of experienced yesterday. Will try not grasp at this happening again but it felt so pleasant. Namo Amida Bu

    • Sounds wonderful. We’ve occasionally been doing this is in the garden as a part of service – the garden is very thirsty at the moment, but it’s still looking beautiful. I find that being out in nature connects me very effectively to Amida…

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