• Steve Durham posted an update 4 months ago

    Hot and humid in Chicago today. A good day for the air conditioners. My in-laws have officially moved in with us, and occupy a furnished basement apartment in our little house. My father-in-law is 97, my mother-in-law 93, and they need custodial care, hence the move. Meanwhile I’m hard at work editing my novel (mostly straightening up page numbering for 800 pages of text, double-spaced and one side of each page). It’s historical fiction about a white race riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I grew up and where nobody had ever heard of the riot. It happened in 1921 and still is the worst riot in U.S. history — 40 city blocks burned to the ground overnight, at least 300 people killed in a 12-hour “invasion” of black Tulsa by whites. Why it happened, and how it got hushed up, make for fascinating speculation, hence the novel. Namo Amida Bu

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