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  • Satya — thank you for remembering me in Friday morning’s service!  That means a great deal.

    Johnathan — best wishes to you on your new UU journey!

    Namo Amida Bu _/_

  • Excellent.  Well said.  Thank you!

  • A Wednesday Nembutsu … it’s actually March 1 today … and one of the mildest winters on record continues in Chicago.  We have had virtually no snow at all this winter, with temperatures consistently a few degrees — and occasionally many degrees — above normal.  I will complete a (deliberately) slow and lengthy conversion from my Eastern Or…[Read more]

  • Hi all.  It’s unseasonably warm here (Chicago), and has been all “winter.”  We are far behind in average snowfall, and temperatures have tended to be above normal.  As John said in this thread, I too read primarily religious/spiritual books every day.  I have read just about everything I could get my hands on in Pure Land, and deeply wish the…[Read more]

  • This probably is irrelevant here, but I am in the (slow) process of converting from my current membership in the Eastern Orthodox Church to the Quakers.  There are lots of reasons, lots, but one very important reason is worship: an hour of total silence, except for  those few souls who feel moved to share a message with the group.  I can and do us…[Read more]

  • So far a mild winter in Chicago … but we may end up paying for it!  However, there’s no arctic blast, and no snow, in the foreseeable future.  I try to walk everywhere I go, and the weather helps.  Every day when I say my daily prayers, I sit in a room full of Buddhas, and always bow and say Namu Amida Butsu along with the rest of my ritual.  I…[Read more]

  • Having a word for the year is a new concept to me, and one that I like!   I’m new to this, so my word may change, but for the moment it is “HOPE.”  I gave a brief New Year’s Day message to the police officers of the Evanston (Illinois, a suburb of Chicago) Police Department at the first shift this morning.  And I told them what I call “The Ba…[Read more]

  • It’s actually 27 December here (Chicago).  I’m a police chaplain in suburban Evanston (ask Dharmavidya about Evanston), and spent Christmas Eve with the police at their 10:30 p.m. Roll Call as well as the first Roll Call of Christmas Day (6 a.m.).  Those things are always meaningful for me.  At the early morning roll call the sergeant in charge re…[Read more]

  • Joyous holidays to you all! We almost had a “white [snowy] Christmas” here in Chicago, but then the polar vortex broke up and now it’s getting relatively milder and rainy, and the snow is melting fast. We spent the day yesterday with our youngest son and his family (wife, 2 daughters) … lunch today with our middle son and his fiance … and…[Read more]

    • We tend to get our grands books and small gifts. Rarely getting each other gifts (spouse that is) since we get what we need when we need it – like home repairs and updates. But this year I got my hubby a small gift of the mustard he likes…four small jars – since I tend to have a difficult time finding the particular brand. 🙂

      Cheers and best…[Read more]

  • Wednesday, 14 December — Namo Amida Bu!  Tis downright cold in Chicago this week, with wind chills well below zero degrees Fahrenheit, and heavy snow on the way for the weekend.  I am dealing with something called “foot drop” caused by a pinched nerve in my spine — it causes my right foot to “drop,” to come down flat and loudly — and I may be f…[Read more]

  • Steve Durham started the topic bbbrrrrrrrrrr in the forum Monday Nembutsu 3 years ago

    Chilly and cloudy in Chicago, and at last it has snowed.  Not much snow — the slushy kind that should melt off in a couple of days — but still, it’s pretty outside.  I’m grateful for sangha too, although at the moment my “sangha” happens to be a Christian congregation.  Spiritually, I couldn’t live without communityy.  I’m hoping to find a Bud…[Read more]

  • Steve Durham replied to the topic Steve Durham in the forum Introductions 3 years ago

    Yes!  Please tell him (the author) that I experienced both books like drinking water on a hot thirsty day: I just gulped them down.  I have been especially taken with his discussion of the Dharma-Body in “Call of the Infinite” — it is so personal, so reassuring.  As is his discussion of the reality of *all* our dreams and yearnings for the tr…[Read more]

  • Thank you for this lovely piece!  As a Christian, I find Christianity and (Pure Land) Buddhism equally interesting and … well, mutually instructive.  I learn so much about my own faith from Pure Land.  And just on its own merits, Pure Land is so enriching and satisfying.  If I had a statue of Amida Buddha — I have a great many Buddhas, but so…[Read more]

  • Winter definitely has come to Chicago — it’s cloudy, chilly (raw), and raining.  And to make matters worse, I’m down with a bad cold.  But the cold will pass, and in time so will winter.  Meanwhile, I’m re-reading 2 books by John Paraskevopoulos — “Call of the Infinite” and “The Unhindered Path” — and for the 2nd time, can’t put either one do…[Read more]

  • Steve Durham replied to the topic Dying with no faith in the forum Buddhist Q&A 3 years ago

    I find it hard to sit with someone with no faith, above all in a terminal situation.  They seem relatively comfortable with it — in my experience — but I personally find it tremendously desolate and sad. There is no hope, save for the “sleep” of annihilation and utter lack of consciousness.  I taste ashes when I contemplate that.  Of course, th…[Read more]

  • Steve Durham replied to the topic Steve Durham in the forum Introductions 3 years ago

    I finished “The Unhindered Path” and now am re-reading it.    I loved both books (this one and “Called by the Infinite”)!  Little one-liners, and sometimes whole paragraphs, just spring up at me, and that is the sign of an excellent — and timely — work.  “Timely” for me, that is.  I suppose I could say (I’m learning) my karmic field is read…[Read more]

  • Steve Durham started the topic Tuesday again in the forum Monday Nembutsu 3 years ago

    Hello from Chicago, again, for my Monday Nembutsu on Tuesday, again.  I’m among those reeling (in a not-so-good way) from the election results here.  If there is an up side … well, I’m still trying to think of one.  My Christian colleagues are more optimistic about the long-term future than I’m afraid I am.  Hopefully I’ll get my bouyancy bac…[Read more]

  • Steve Durham replied to the topic Steve Durham in the forum Introductions 3 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Kaspalita,

    Interesting story about “Josaphat” (sp?).  So much “leakage” across national and cultural boundaries — it makes for fascinating reading and contemplation indeed!


  • Steve Durham replied to the topic Steve Durham in the forum Introductions 3 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Satya (hope I said that correctly!) … I hadn’t heard of Unhindered Path although I had (and had forgotten I had) another book by the same author … which I promptly devoured over 2-3 days … and then ordered a copy of Unhindered Path.  I appreciated just about everything I read in the 1st book, but especially those parts dealing with the…[Read more]

  • Greetings from Chicago this Monday … where the weather is still unseasonably mild (as it has been since late September).  We went for a walk in the nearby woods last Friday — the scent of musty fallen leaves almost overpowering (and that’s OK!).  Namu Amida Bu _/_

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