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  • Andrew Nicholls (Temple Host) posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    My Ojo retreat continues to relax me and helps me to have greater insight into my own life or lifestyle. The second day concentrates on taste, now, I thought “oh okay doesn’t sound great”. As it happens it was really interesting, it had me carry out a number of tasks with food, texture and taste.
    What I think was taken away from the day was the realisation that the majority of the time, I just eat. Now you may think is that what we all do, what else is there. However I found that food is more enjoyable when I looked at it, thought about the taste, and took time to eat it. This for me was a surprise as I thought that being as greedy as I am meant that I enjoyed my food.
    My discovery was that I enjoy it a lot more when I sit and feel the food and I don’t mean with touch I mean with my mind. See it smell it allow myself to taste it. Or am I simply yet again being foolish allowing myself to believe that eating could actually be and more than putting eatable substances in your mouth, chewing and swallowing.
    Try it you’ll see what I mean. Maybe!
    Namo Amida Bu.