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  • Karmadeva (Temple Host) posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    My latest module in the vow 22 course is the Ojo retreat, I’m really enjoying this as meditation and self-expression is close to my heart and activities that I always enjoy.
    The first day of the Ojo retreat was particularly interesting and had me carry out various tasks that I enjoyed and felt I benefited from in terms of my practice.
    One exercise had me walking and concentrating on my breath, with all that’s going on at the moment with CV19 I enjoyed the quietness and being able to escape for a short time, which is what I did. That said it also made me reflect on many things such as faith and the beauty of my surroundings. As it was a lovely spring morning I had decided to use this exercise as a walk in my local area rather than just the garden.
    It’s strange how when alone with your thoughts how your mind wanders, so went through everything from the breath (as directed), world affairs, CV19 and the earths reaction to our current plight. To name but a few of my distractions.
    I felt that the earth is aware of what is happening to us, on some level, and wondered if it cares. I noticed the blossom on the trees the sound of birds singing, the smell of the grass that had just been cut. The thoughts that were odd to me were that with all that is going on, the earth remains the same. If we all disappeared the earth would continue as normal, the sun would rise and fall, the moon would come out at night, flowers would grow and the birds would sing. This made me feel very humble, insignificant. But tremendously grateful that I was able to continue with my vow 22 course and walk in my area taking in all the beauty of the earth and nature.
    Namo Amida bu