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  • Andrew Nicholls (Temple Host) posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Just started on my vow 22 course again, don’t know why i left it so long, nearly a year. Have to say I’m enjoying my studies once again, the module is ministry as a profession and extremely interesting. Also given me a lot to think about and even more to research. Its funny because when I’m studying I really get into it, enjoy the time and the learning, yet more often than not I tire easily, choose to sit staring at the TV or play on my phone. Both things can be very boring, yet I of my own free will do both rather than something I enjoy.
    That said sometimes I have to put quite a lot of thought into the study, maybe its this that puts me off? bombu nature certainly coming out there, or maybe just lazy. Or maybe it is just what it is, no profound meaning or any real reason, just what I do. perhaps the bombu nature is always thinking there is a profound reason, searching for explanations whee there probably isn’t one. maybe its that searching that prevents me from my study, trying to find deep hidden meaning where there is none, and there I go again looking for the meaning of why I look for the meaning.
    Namo Amida Bu