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  • Andrew Nicholls (Temple Host) posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    during theses times I feel a deep reluctance to do anything, I manage to go to work each day but somewhat annoyed that so many others are allowed to work from home. I find it hard to concentrate on whats now become just annoying and is it actually necessary to earn money at the moment.
    Then I remember the teachings of the Buddha, vows that I have made and the need of others to learn what I have, the three Jewels and all the peace of mind that comes from being Buddhist, the happiness you can feel from being a member of a much bigger family/community that all accepts you as you are, as well as the Buddha Amidas love and understanding.
    This fills me with compassion and I think of the people I’m able to help in some small way in what is a very disturbing time for all of us.
    Namo Amida Bu