• Andrew Nicholls (Temple Host) posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    How quickly things can change, from a normal world where everything is taken for granted to a humbling oh my what will become of us in a very short amount of time. Do you think on the other side of this we will have learned anything, will we be better people will we look after the planet will we look after each other.
    due to the foolish beings we are i guess like children playing we will get back to our games earning money driving fast cars wanting more and more and never really satisfied.
    Foolish beings we certainly are, i hope that maybe we will be a bit better at least for a short time. i for one hope that maybe i have learned something already, but then i worry about work and my car and how ill do this or that i moan at my teenage granddaughter and do all the things i would like to help others not to do. Bombu nature, foolish being i certainly am. Then i long for the past even last week wen things seemed a little brighter or was that just me again not understanding how serious all this was?
    So what do i do? how do i create the perfect world? simple answer is i dont. I rely on the Buddha, i hope that the Buddha will show me what i should do in some way. All i will do in my foolish stupid way is chant Namo Amida Bu, Namo Amida Bu.

    • I hope that at least your chanting will be a source of joy – which I’m sure it will be. Certainly, the illusion of security came to a juddering end for many of us in the last week. As I had a flu-like virus I even found it hard to do my Pureland Buddhist practice – maybe I had even been complacent about that! I read that viruses even alter the way that brains work so that you can start thinking in very odd ways – that can be unnerving as well and add to the general feeling of insecurity – so many things suddenly washed away! From time to time I merely had the feeling that maybe all the practice I had already done was a benefit, even though I wasn’t practicing in any recognisable way at that time. And, I guess there’s all the practice of all other beings as well, and all those Buddhas singing out Amida’s Name!

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