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    My niece is in the last stages of cancer she has a brain tumour. Her dad is asking for some positive thought to help her. As he says just sending some love can do no harm. They did this last Saturday and she has now been able to stop her painkilling treatment. That could be psychological but she has. He is asking for people to try again this Saturday and so I’m posting his blog on here in the hope that some meta may help.
    To our family and friends

    After almost three years of considerable effort to keep her deadly glioblastoma at bay, Nicola’s last MRI scan in July showed a very dangerous level of progression.

    Nevertheless, Nic’s condition appeared relatively stable. New treatments were being introduced and further possibilities explored. So, despite the sad recent death of my sister Stella, with a heavy heart I traveled to Brazil last week to spend some time with Anna, who I had not seen for five months.

    It was my intention to be here until early October. However, recent news from the family in England was most alarming. Firstly, Nic had become very weak and partially paralyzed. Then her Neurosurgeon confirmed that her condition was inoperable and that she was too weak to undergo any further treatment. Finally, her medical team suggested that she may have very little time left.

    Tomorrow I am flying back to England to be with Nicola. It may well be that Nic is close to the end of her life, but I believe that there is still a glimmer of hope – and you may be able to help her.

    On Saturday 25th August at 6 pm UK time, I am asking everyone that I can to help Nicola by participating in a 15-minute ‘distance healing session’.

    Some may be sceptical, but I truly KNOW that, collectively, we have potentially great powers to heal. You may call it prayer, positive energy, love or something else, but essentially it is the power of our minds to convey our good intentions.

    If you are a religious or spiritual person, you will already be familiar with the power of prayer. If you are more science-oriented, as I am, you may be persuaded by the wonders of quantum physics. Today physicists know that the entire universe, including all matter, thoughts and sensations, is made of energy – sub-atomic particles vibrating at different frequencies to create form and sentience.

    The discovery of ‘quantum entanglement’ proves that the behaviour of energetic particles can affect the behaviour of other remote particles, regardless of distance.

    So, whether you ask a deity for help, or simply apply the power of your own thoughts, I implore you to help Nicola on Saturday 25th August 2018.

    Details follow.

    Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts to date. I will keep you informed.

    With love and best wishes,


    Nicola Distance Healing Session – Saturday 25th August 2018

    6 pm to 6.15 pm (London)
    2 pm to 2.15 pm (Rio de Janeiro)

    10 am to 10.15 am (San Francisco)
    3am to 3.15 (Adelaide – 26th)

    Nicola Jane Kelly (born 22nd March 1974)

    If you can, please get together with others who are willing to participate in this event. Perhaps join hands with them for the duration of the healing.

    Otherwise, find a quiet relaxing place where you will not be disturbed.

    · See Nicola in your mind and send her your love, prayers and positive thoughts

    · Visualise the tumour getting ever-smaller and completely dissolving

    · Will that Nicola be filled with love and radiating good health

    That’s all it takes. If the attendant energies and forces will permit a healing, it will be done. In any event, your love can do no harm.

    However you choose to visualise, transmit or pray for healing, believe completely in what you are undertaking.

    If you can, please post these details on social media (which alas I do not use) and share them with anyone you believe would be happy to help.

    Thank you

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