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  • Dayamay posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    had an interesting image appear whilst I was meditating on Amida Buddha earlier today. I have several images of Amitabah on my walls in my room, which serve as Rupas and help to anchor my overactive mind. While I was observing my thoughts, in all of their convoluted and erratic patterns, my red picture of the Buddha came into focus in a particular way that sort of highlighted the sphere of light that he sits in. I saw Him as the central object of an immense energy field, radiating life and power out into the universe. Even though this is one of the ways that we are encouraged to think of Amida, it seemed somehow significant and pertinent to my experience as a Buddhist and a Human in general and made me think about the energy fields that we all inhabit, whether we know it and like it or not. We are constantly fluctuating energetic systems that attract and repel other systems in a continuous stream of transactions based on our individual and collective karmic conditions. I had an image of myself, bungling around, blindly falling into and colliding with other entities, affecting them with my energy and being positively and negatively influenced by theirs. All of the time contributing to the confusion that is society, whilst trying to bring something stable and healthy into it.
    When I look at the Buddha, solid and grounded in meditation, He is positively in command of His energy sytsem, and as I am led to believe by the various teachings that I have and continue to receive, has harnessed the power of his karma, thereby transforming it into the grace by which we are all saved!
    I feel profoundly inspired by this idea and very grateful to be intertwined with the field of merit which emanates from Amitabah Buddha!

    Namo Amida Bu!( :

    • Thank you for this :-)..very inspiring read. Namo Amida Bu

      • Interested by your energy idea, Dayamay. Contained within the Buddha’s energy field, is your bumbling around now something more than that? Maybe from the ‘outside’ you now appear to be radiating some of that Buddha light. That’s my experience of being with you – ‘bits of rubble turn to gold’ (if you don’t mind the word ‘rubble’). i’m also reminded of Caroline Brazier’s words at the start of her meditation sessions at the Buddhist House (which I think come from Thich Nhat Hanh) – ‘Listen, listen, this wonderful sound brings me back to my true home.’

    • Lovely image. Namo Amida Bu.

    • Thanks guys. And thanks Andrew. Sometimes I really feel conscious of the relationship between my Bombuness and Amida’s grace. It feels like the purest connection that I get with Amida. although at times I feel very connected for no apparent reason. Having said that though, my mind always seems to be doing something foolish, even if I’m not acting it out! Namo Amida Bu( :