• Andrew Cheffings (temple host) posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Having spent a long time doing continuous nembutsu, unfortunately the nembutsu in continuous form has become a new OCD compulsion for me and then, as it progresses or when it stops, acute OCD symptoms manifest, so I have been reading Shinran to comfort me and using nembutsu puja in the morning as my main practice with lots of deep listening through the day, remembering to greet, welcome and allow Amida in in whatever ways are appropriate to the moment. Here’s a new hymn I’ve written which expresses these things, including some ideas from Shinran:

    Buddhas use many skillful means
    To bring me to the faith of true entrusting.
    The nembutsu is praising Amida to me;
    Praising Amida occurs naturally
    When I listen deeply,
    Greet, welcome and allow Amida in.

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