• Andrew Cheffings (temple host) posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    A very small Amida Leicester homegroup last night. Here’s the dharma talk:


    Bringing attention to Cosmic Buddha, Supporting this fragile being,
    His Warmth and Light,
    Rather than material wealth and Mara.

    Where I focus my attention helps determine my experience.
    If I focus my attention on competition for scarce resources I might find myself becoming ever more anxious, greedy and manipulative. This is what I mean by material wealth and Mara. Mara is a sort of devil figure with all those negative qualities of greed, cunning and manipulation.

    At the same time, having a focus on competing for scarce resources confirms my reality as a fragile and dependent being, someone in need of support from somewhere.

    If I focus my attention on supportive spiritual resources inside and outside myself, I am bringing my attention to the Cosmic Buddha, to the wisdom and compassion of the universe, which can be represented by light and warmth.

    In Pureland Buddhism, these supportive resources are known as Other Power and as Amida Buddha – Amitayus and Amitabha.

    I can bring them to mind, into my focus, with the Name. The Name is both the word ‘Amida’ and its embodied qualities of Limitless Life and Light. The sound of the Name can resonate in my mind. The experience of life-giving breath, warm, supporting and filled with light can flow through my body and mind, unifying the two.

    Amida can be a Buddha presence for me, bringing the Buddhist tradition to radiant life.

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