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Live Nembutsu Practice

Experience the benefits of the nembutsu by joining our simple live practice sessions with Rev Satyavani and the online Anjali sangha.

This practice will take place every Thursday from 8pm – 8.30pm UK time (3pm EST). It will be broadcast via a live video on our Facebook page, here. The videos are all saved here if you’d like to practice later in the week.

We will begin with some walking meditation or a piece of liturgy, followed by a short Dharma talk. We will then chant the nembutsu together for ten minutes using this tune or maybe another one. You won’t be able to hear each other on Skype or Facebook, just Satya, so can join your voice with hers and know that others will also be chanting with you around the world. There will then be a short period of silence and a closing verse.

The practice will be suitable for complete beginners and for experienced practitioners. You can attend every so often or regularly. If you want to experiment with a daily nembutsu practice you can also use these live nembutsu sessions as a support. We have a Facebook group for those who attend regularly here.

If you have any questions do feel free to email She looks forward to practising with you.

Namo Amida Bu.