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    honens biography by Fitzgerald , mala beads  and lots of nembutsu and a couple of what I consider spiritual films to watch. The razors edge (old black and white one not big Hollywood remake) and a river runs through it and the smiling faces of my grandchildren opening their presents .

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Enjoyed reading about your Christmas, Ken. I went over to Collingham with Ian to spend Christmas day with Dad. We had a lovely walk around the village. Ian and me both played a couple of carols on Mum’s piano. We opened presents under the reusable tree. Dad ate turkey, Ian and me ate vegan sausage stew with rice dumplings. We all ate a free-from-pretty-well-everything Christmas pudding which didn’t taste of dust. For tea we had a similar Christmas cake and bottled quinces from our allotment. Both my sisters rang up. One was making a lego roller-coaster with her son. Back here, I’m amazed how much internet activity has been going on while we were away, and now I’m adding to it. Namo Amida Bu!

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    Namo Amida Bu. Good to hear from you both. I love the sound of your kit, Ken. Mine was a service here at the temple, attended by me, Kaspa, Khema and Val – we had a really lovely hour, then a cuppa with Andy who’d got the time of the service wrong, before going off to my mum and dad’s for lunch. I find Christmas a bit complicated, so am relieved that we’re on the other side with a nice break before clients come back.

    This year we’ve chosen the word ‘connection’ for the temple and have decided to gently grow the sangha over the year. I’m looking forward to meeting some new sangha members over the year, and deepening my connection with existing ones. I’m also looking forward to publishing my book in the Spring, the garden coming back into life, the next 2 5-day course blocks of my IFS course, a continuation of a better work-life balance, trips from Dharmavidya, and all the usual stuff that brings me pleasure – the animals, eating, studying, walking, client work, napping, reading, nembutsu, nembutsu, nembutsu.

    My personal word for 2019 is ‘freedom’.

    Namo Amida Bu x

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