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Word of the year (Intentions and prayers NOT resolutions)

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      We’re just over a week into 2019. Some people that made resolutions will have broken them already, I’m sure. My experience of will power is that it usually fails. Why? Because if I’m having to push then there’s usually something in me that I’m pushing against (karma, you might say) and eventually that pushes back.

      That’s why I like the idea of a word for the year, rather than a resolution. I think of this like a star to aim for, or like a prayer. In our Saturday service when we recite the lay precepts we say ‘With faith in the three jewels, I pray that I may….’

      I like this format. There’s something realistic about it, and – of course – praying in this way we are opening ourselves to the Buddha’s light.

      My word for 2019 is contact. Contact is relationship that includes more of me and more of the other. So I’m praying to more deeply meet myself, and to meet others (people, the world, the Buddha) more deeply.

      Do you have a word, an intention or prayer for 2019?

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      Mine was something else (can’t even remember what!) but it changed by itself to surrender… a word to counteract so much of my character. I’m already feeling its influence. Namo Amida Bu.

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      My word of the year I’ve stumbled on, at least for now, is, ironically, ‘wordless’. This is to remind me that wordy teachings point to the wordless and when I feel stuck because words are in the way, there is something wordless behind the words which I could approach maybe by going around the words sometimes. So I’ve pinned it up on my pinboard which has lots of words but even more images.

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      Siani Driver

      I have been considering this for a few weeks now and have finally settled on my word. That word is ‘slow’

      I am a rusher. Quite hyperactive and always busy. When I slow, I notice more and appreciate more. Today was the deciding factor in my word choice. I rushed around worrying about getting the girls to school/childcare and myself to work. I was in such a rush I didn’t notice it was still almost dark when I defrosted the car. I thought it was odd when I reached school and there were no cars outside. I figured we must be REALLY late. The door was locked. I was a whole hour EARLY. It wasn’t yet 8am!

      I was in such haste to get everything ‘done’ and be on time, I convinced myself that another hour had passed when it hadn’t!

      I could have done all the necessary tasks, AND had time for morning Nembutsu, (rather than doing it in the car) and been more relaxed and calmer, if I’d just been SLOW.

      So slow is, I pray, my intention for 2019.

      To slow down, and notice what is around me, to be more present and  strive to live now rather than rushing to the future.

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