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Why Rebel? Extinction Rebellion on ITV

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      Satya, Caroline, Dayamay Modgala and Padma are joining the climate crisis demonstrations in London over the next two weeks. Why is is so important?

      Many of you will know already, but I wanted to share this news report from the news at ten last night. Very sympathetic to the cause, and clear on the climate science.


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      I totally agree with those supporting exstinction rebellion.a great cause.My only fear is are we to late already.there has been so many climate catastrophies,floods,tornadoes,drouts.species of animals on the verge of disappearing for ever.action needs to be taken now not in ten,fifteen or twenty years.the sad thing is we may already be to late.

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      Thanks Dean. Yes we might be. In fact, I’m sure there will be more extreme weather – lots of people have suffered from the climate crisis already – AND I think it is possible to not make things worse. If not – then our challenge is to face whatever comes with grace and compassion.

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      Yes, I agree with you both. Doing what we can is better than doing nothing, both spiritually and psychologically. And one of the Amida tenets is ‘demonstrating an alternative’. Showing we care about our earth and the sentient beings it houses. Showing courage and supporting others who do so.

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      Tommy Bradshaw

      Thank you for sharing and for your participation in this much needed movement. I’ve been viewing XR articles and media over the past few weeks and have done a little research as to the movements activity here across the pond. Although I used to be active (and for a time employed) by an activist organization I am not overly familiar with XR, although I had heard of it. If the opportunity to get involved  or attend an action ever comes up I certainly will.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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