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Whole body donation

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      Michael Richmond

      Not to be morbid but I was wondering how people feel about whole body donation after death. I know the Tibetan Buddhists would have a problem because they believe there is a lingering life force in the body for a while.  I think our journey to the pureland would be pretty fast.  If I can help medical science in some small way or aleve suffering for animals in research I would like to do that.

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      Tommy Bradshaw

      While I am certainly no expert as to the environmental factors and consequences that come with death and dying I would certainly offer from my own personal perspective that I don’t see an issue with it. If you body is in the condition to be donated I would think it would be very much in the spirit of a Bodhisssatva to allow scientists and researchers to use it for their needs and to later dispose of the remains in a green (or at least less environmentally harmful) manner.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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