Who Loves Dies Well (WLDW) by Dharmavidya

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    John Welch

    I am currently reading this wonderful book full of wisdom and compassion that should be of great help and benefit to all who read it and deeply contemplate the insights and experiences it contains. I only wish that I had read it before the death of both my parents and Sally’s (my partner’s) mother. I would like to share some quotes from it but will create a separate post for each quote (if that is OK).

    “Religion and science are not in conflict, they are simply different domains. Modernism, however, tends to take the scientific domain as the only one worthy of consideration and in doing so eliminates the most important elements in human experience from consideration. This leads to an impoverished culture, the banality of which is everywhere evident in our times.”  (page 66 of WLDW)

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    Very glad you enjoyed it John. It’s a moving book. Do post quotes I’m sure other people will find them helpful. It’s good to see you back here again – I can’t remember but think you might be doing the Intro to Pureland course?

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    John Welch

    Hello Satya, I apologise for not responding until now to your post but since 17 March 2017 I have had other commitments and both my partner, Sally and I have been unwell for a few days. I intend to post further quotes from Dharmavidya’s book (filled with wisdom and compassion) as I hope it will inspire others to read it and benefit from his knowledge, insights and experiences. I am currently studying the Intro to Pureland course (with my tutor Rev. Sujatin who has been very helpful and kind) and am finding both the course and tutor to be excellent. Due to my eye problems (and other health challenges) I am making slow progress with both the book and the course. Namo Amida Bu. John

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