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Whispers From The Bamboo Grove, Amida Newsletter #51: Resolutions

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      Resolutions – choosing them, making them, keeping them…or not

      At the turn of the year, many people make resolutions for the year to come, usually with the firm intention that ‘it shall be so’. We are half way through January. How many of those resolutions have been shelved or have hit the rocks of reality?

      What might we resolve? The Three Pure Precepts of Mahayana Buddhism are
      1. Cease doing evil,
      2. Do good, and
      3. Do good for others – ideally, abundant good for all beings.

      As Pureland Buddhists we realise that this not only a very tall order but not within our remit. We realise that our own vows are prayers, taking into account the immeasurable help we receive in even the least part of our life and the immeasurable extent of our own frailty.

      Reverend Ananda :: encourages us to do what we can for others: ‘Like the historical Buddha, we need to live the Dharma in the world. We need individuals — Bodhisattvas — willing to get off the meditation cushion and leave the dojo to do the hard, slow work of peacemaking and social justice.’

      Acharya Kaspalita :: writes about kindness  being ‘a natural response to the world.’

      Acharya Susthama reflects :: here that, as we all find, some of our kind and generous offering isn’t welcomed by the other party and that much of our life, even our own body, isn’t under our own control!

      Kaspa writes about Amida Mandala’s :: ‘Word of the Year’
      For 2018 it’s Nembutsu. He also encourages us to have a personal word for the year. His is ‘inspiration’, Andrew’s is ‘stop’ and my own is ‘notice’ – add your beneath the post!

      Namo Amida Bu



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      That is one thing every year I refuse to do.So I suppose my new year resolution is to make no resolutions.I live each day at a time in the best way possible due to the circumstances that life that way everyday can be an adventure and exciting without putting things in place that could hinder.

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