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Whispers From The Bamboo Grove, Amida News #43

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      Summer Retreat – Dwelling in Entrustment

      13th – 18th August in Holland House, Worcestershire, UK

      A residential retreat

      Spend a week learning to trust, ‘lean in’ and be held on this Pureland Buddhist retreat led by priests with the Amida Order:
      Rev. Kaspalita, Rev. Jnanamati and Rev. Satyavani.

      The perfect opportunity to deepen your connection the sacred. Dharmavidya is not running any retreats in France this year, so come and join us at this beautiful location in the UK.

      This retreat will include silent contemplation, chanting, personal enquiry through the creative process (including writing, poetry and visual art), group sharing and dharma talks. The retreat is open to all – Pure Land Buddhists, Buddhists from other traditions or other spiritual practitioners interested in learning experientially about the Pure Land way and a more faith-based tradition of Buddhism.

      This retreat is an opportunity to enter more deeply into the Pure Land practices. Dharmavidya has referred to Pure Land Buddhism as refuge Buddhism, and explains that rather than being a tradition that encourages the cultivation of practice Pure Land invites us, over time, to deepen our refuge. The various practices we engage in are devotional and are in this context ways of deepening our refuge in Amida Buddha. They are also ways of opening to the grace of tariki or Other Power of the Buddhas.

      Venue: The retreat will be held at Holland House near Evesham in Worcestershire, a beautiful retreat centre with lovely gardens with a great kitchen. The cost includes all accomodation, delicious food and dana for the retreat leaders.

      Cost: A £40 deposit is required to book your space – this deposit is non-refundable. The earlybird fee (until end Feb 2017) is £365, after this the fee £395. Unwaged fee £345. Payment by installments is also an option. For details of how to pay your deposit and secure your place, contact Satya:
      Phone 01684 572444.

      You can read more about the retreat leaders below, read more about the Amida-Shu school of Buddhism at, or more about the Amida Mandala temple at

      Namo Amida Bu

      The Retreat Leaders
      Rev. Kaspalita runs the Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple in Malvern with his wife Satya. He is a practising psychotherapist and offers mindfulness classes as a part of Mindfully Whole. He co-runs Writing Our Way Home, a mindful writing company, with Satya.

      Rev. Jnanamati is a Pureland Buddhist Priest with the Amida Order. He works as an art therapist and also does chaplaincy work in health care settings. He is the Amida-Shu representative for the Worcestershire Interfaith Network.

      Rev. Satyavani is a Pureland Buddhist Priest, psychotherapist in private practice and a writer. She co-authored ‘Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings’ with Kaspa and has written several novels.

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