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What is Shinjin?

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      Is Shinjin, or Settled Faith, the deep realisation that there is a “real” ( can be experienced by our consciousness, whatever form that takes after death) Pure Land, Amida resides there and we will go “there” after physical death.

      Will Amida reveal this ? Does the deep understanding/ knowing that we, as beings of limited means have no way of controlling or manipulating this allow for Amida’s grace or is this understanding or knowing in and of itself actually Shinjin ?


      Namo Amida Bu !


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      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for your question.

      Dharmavidya separates faith and belief in a way that I find helpful. Faith is an attitude or a way of being – in deep faith there may be beliefs but they are lightly held. For example in the Summary of Faith and Practice we say:

      “The primary practice requires only one essential: realise that you are a totally foolish being who understands nothing, but who can with complete trust recite “Namo Amida Bu”; know that this will generate rebirth in the Pure Land, without even knowing what rebirth in the Pure Land truly is.”

      Shinjin is settled faith – so it does not contain any particular knowledge – just a trust that Amida’s light (whatever that means) is already shining upon one. That one is already loved.

      Personally I find it helpful to think that there are parts of me that have complete shinjin and there are parts of me that don’t yet… and perhaps this is how it is to be human. Ultimately my faith is bigger than a personal experience of trust, somehow.


      Hope this helps

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      Hi Kaspa

      As I read your words ( which are always helpful and provide a real sense of gentleness)  they convey a sense of faith in that trusting ( a sense of knowing) can be very different to knowledge.

      Namo Amida Bu

      Thank you Kaspa!

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