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    Here are photos and writing about my weaving and other creative ventures https://lotusinthemud.typepad.com/shibusa/

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    Ooh your wall hanging looks amazing. Do keep us updated on your progress! Namo Amida Bu xx

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    Thank you – I will. I’ve just taken a small piece off the little loom to take to the lodge as a wall hanging. Planning my next pieces!

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    I would love to see your weaving but the link does not work for me.  We met at the Saori Shed in Diss where we were both enjoying our weaving.  Namo Amida Bu x

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    Hello Stephanie – wasn’t that a super day! You haven’t been able to follow the link because I changed it from Shibusa to Shibui, which sounds gentler to me. I think shibusa is the noun and shibui is an adverb https://lotusinthemud.typepad.com/shibui/

    At the moment I am knitting – a twiddlemuff for my 97 year old mother whose world is shrinking dramatically. I finished the knitting part and have just been to The Range to buy beads, buttons, bows, ribbon to add to it. So poignant to see her decline (via small video clips from my sisters)

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    Thank you for the link Sujatin, I love weaving it seems such a mindful practice. Your piece is glorious, such vibrant colours ! I have a wall hanging that I made at Diss, on the wall behind a small Buddha.  I haven’t done any weaving since before Christmas as crochet seems to have taken over for now.  I have seen some twiddle muffs that a friend made for a nursing home, perhaps I should attempt one for my mum.  I hope your mother is relaxed and comfortable x

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