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      I was pleased last week when we went into some sort of nationwide lock-down. It seemed the right response when lives are a lot more at risk than usual from free movement and when free movement is causing immense stress to the NHS. I was ill with ‘flu’ at the time so household isolating, as this measure was already in place. I thought it was rather unfortunate this week when the health secretary muddied the water by saying that you should only go to work if you can’t work from home as the implication of this seems to be that many people who do hands on work which can’t be done remotely from home, even if it is not truly essential work, will flood back onto crowded public transport. This could undo much of the good work of the lock-down. Many of us may feel forced to go back to work with this kind of advice because we don’t have good job security and our bosses may have their own individual opinions about the virus, for example, that the lock-down is an over reaction because ‘only the vulnerable will be affected by the virus’. Separating humans into two groups, those who are important and those who are expendable is something I find worrying in this pandemic, it seems to have brought these ways of thinking much more to the surface. Sometimes I feel forced into doing things against my better judgement but there is a line which, if I am pushed towards, I simply cannot cross. I, like many people in the country, am in an unusual position with my work. Any day spent at work requires 4 busy commuter trains, so expecting me to go to work is pushing me towards what in this case is an uncrossable line for me, even though not crossing the line could result in some difficulties for me. Fortunately I am in the position that my partner supports me in this decision. My Pureland Buddhist practice is a great support also. Many times each day, taking refuge in Limitless Love, Compassion and Life is a reminder of what is truly important in life. Knowing that if I fall and don’t act as I would like to the Limitless Love, Compassion and Life is still there to pick me back up helps give me the strength to not abandon my convictions yet hold them knowing that new information could change them, especially new information which comes as a result of Limitless Love, Compassion and Life.

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      This sounds like a hard decision to have to make, I’m sure that Amida will guide you and give you the strength that you need. Hopefully we will be back to what we know as normal before too long.

      Namo Amida Bu

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