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      This is a real treat! I had a homemade tiffin last week at the Amitayus Wellbeing centre that Kusuma had made and so asked for the recipe.

      Hi Susthama
      I’m not exact with my ingredients but basically take one packet of Digestive
      biscuits, one half a packet of ginger nut biscuits, bash those down with the
      end of a rolling pin until they are nearly crumbs then add in about three
      table spoons of golden syrup, a handful or two of sultanas or you can add
      in some cherries.
      While you do this you can get a double boiler going on the hob with about
      2oz of butter [vegan spread] and 250g-300g of dark chocolate. Once this has melted you pour
      it in to the other ingredients until all the biscuit mix is covered. Then
      transfer it in to a baking tray that is about 1inch deep, flatten it down
      and then put it in the fridge for about three hours to go hard. You then cut
      it in to squares and it will stay fresh for at least a week.
      You can also add other spices in to it like cinnamon. It is pretty hard to
      get wrong and I would suggest experimenting.



      Susthama says, ‘One could experiment with different biscuits and nuts and so on. If you do try different ingredients and you find that it comes out a treat then I’d love to know.’

      ~ Susthama, May 2009

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