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    what helpsWhat three books would change my 2019? Here are the ones I think might change yours:

    1. Parts Work by Tom Holmes. A glorious little book with lots of fun illustrations for anyone interested in venturing into the amazing world inside their heads.

    2. Recovery by Russell Brand. Especially for anyone with a compulsion that’s got too big for its boots.

    3. What Helps by Satya Robyn. Because it just might help : )

    I look forward to reading your suggestions…

    On a Pureland note I’m also really enjoying DT Suzuki’s Volume 2 which is a collection of all his Pureland writings – a bit hard going but wonderful.

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    Well I hadn’t really thought about it till I saw this but for one I shall be reading said book above  as downloaded onto kindle upon seeing . 2 will be reading the new book on refuge when comes out. 3 the music lesson. By victor wooten. Although about music it’s not just about music . I tend to listen to this on audible yearly as either consciously or subconsciously I always gleam something from it.4 ( I know but just can’t stop myself). Ki increase you’re life energy by Stefan stennad as I’ve decided this year to reacquaint  myself with  doing ki exercises for health posture ect and also still feel connected to martial arts that I can no longer do.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Steve Durham

    (1) I’m re-reading The Unhindered Path by John Paraskevopoulos — am taken by the clarity of his writing, and especially by the sections on Amida Buddha and the Absolute.  Energizing!

    (2) Witness: Lessons From Elie Wiesel’s Classroom by Ariel Burger.  The title says it all.

    (3) The Fragrance of Light also by John Paraskevopoulos — a collection of quotations from writers ancient and contemporary on topics related to Pure Land Buddhism.


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