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      I was reflecting this morning on a documentary that I watched recently about Yoga and Meditation. It struck me whilst watching that there was a pretty negative attitude being projected about thoughts. Like thoughts are a bad thing. As If they are what stand in the way of perfect enlightenment for the spiritual practitioner. My experience is that this is not an isolated case of thought aversion. A lot of meditation rhetoric has this sense of demonising thoughts and eradicating them as you might some nuisance in your life. I felt a bit disturbed by this and wanted to mention a couple of things by way of counter-argument.

      Where would we be without thoughts? They are the main asset in the toolbox of the mind for solving problems, many of which are problems that pertain to basic survival. What happens when we are faced with an event – any event- in our lives? Thought is required even on the most basic level just to be able to process the fact itself, even before any action is taken. When action is taken it is based on a sequence of decisions and mental processes, all of which require thought. Thought is fundamental to and essential for our existence, without which enlightenment or spiritual experience would not be possible. No mud no lotus…right?

      A lititle poem type thing that came to me this morning(more thoughts (   😉 in meditation:

      Make space for thoughts.

      Do not reject them.

      Thoughts bring feelings.

      Feelings carry emotion.

      Emotion is what makes us Human.

      Embrace your humanity.

      Namo Amida Bu (   ;


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