This year's meeting with the European Buddhists

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    Namo Amida Bu. Here we all are again, Buddhist representing various sanghas from around Europe, this time at the Triratna centre Adhisthana just twenty minutes drive from the temple.

    As always this week has left me exhausted and inspired. Thanks to support from Amida Trust, I go along each year to represent Amida Shu, and this time I was also invited to join the European Teacher’s Meeting following the AGM.

    Year on year I have seen the bonds of friendship and the spirit of co-operation increasing in this group. This is necessary as lots of the discussions, about how we represent ourselves as Buddhists in Europe,

    what are the most important parts of the Dharma etc, are highly contentious for people who centre their lives on their particular brand of Dharma. Sometimes I feel sad that there is so much bombu nature evident, and sometimes I feel it’s a miracle we continue to meet at all!

    This year the focus was on Safeguarding, and also on the role of young people in the future of Buddhism in Europe. Our young sangha member Olly attended with 9 other young people from around Europe, and they all hope to stay in touch somehow – if anyone else who’s under 35 is interested in getting involved, let me know.

    The highlight of the weekend for me was a coach trip with 30 of us to the Malvern hills (the sun was blazing!) and on to Amida Mandala for tea & cake (baked and served by our Temple Task Force Sheila, Roz, Kris, Nina, Caroline and Rob). I was so moved to see so many people heading straight for the shrine room where they sat, representing such a broad spectrum of Buddhists, with our two Buddhas. Picture below. It was also lovely to show my European friends the garden, our new mandalas, and introduce them to the bunnies. What a blessing.

    Namo Amida Bu.

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    Namo Amida Bu.

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    I was sad that I was away with work this weekend so wasn’t able to join you for tea and cake but it is so lovely to see this photo of so many new faces in our shrine room

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